Week 2 Factoid

While there are numerous ways to treat PTSD, one in particular, music, is showing great promise in relieving PTSD’s effects. Numerous organizations, most notably groups that help war veterans and other military personnel, have resorted to music to help treat the disorder. In fact in the last decade, the Veterans’ Association has increased the number of their music therapists to more than double. It is not a new idea, as during World War II music has been used by doctors to boost wounded soldiers’ morale, noticing speedier recoveries after musicians have played in hospitals.

But why does it work?

Studies have shown that music can trigger the brain to release chemicals to distract the body and mind from the pain. Music, as well as binaural beats and isochronic tones which augment the effects, reach the brain’s auditory cortex, which causes the communication between the cortex and the sections of the brain that govern emotion, memory, and body control.